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Typos can make our writing messy, and nonstandard punctuation can be distracting. Clean and styled copy communicates that you are an insider, that you are precise, and that you value your reader’s time.

Down to the commas, I help you consistently apply the style most familiar to your target audience. When the building blocks of each sentence are organized in the way your audience expects, your readers can focus on your message.


We spend hours looking at our most important documents. In the process of making them better, we get so familiar with the text that our brain stops seeing the details.

Proofreading is that one last check before you hit submit. Ideally, your proofreader is someone who is viewing the document with fresh eyes. They can often find typos that the authors missed. It’s possible that formatting the text and importing it to the design software or other destination can add some typos as well.

Proofreading is often done on PDFs using Adobe Acrobat Reader highlighting and comments. If your layout isn’t finished, I’m also happy to offer a “proof-edit.”


Please visit the Editorial Freelancers Association Rates page to get an idea of starting editorial rates. I’m happy to quote you a project rate after seeing your manuscript.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Still not sure if you need proofreading or copyediting?

See an example of both and how they change one sample text. It’s part of my editing sample packet.