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Adrielle Stapleton Headshot

Quick Summary


  • Certificate, UC Berkeley Extension Professional Editing Sequence (2022)
  • MA in Classical Studies w/ concentration in Latin from UIUC

Language & Style Specializations

  • American English, academic English, plain language
  • Chicago Manual of Style, AP Stylebook

Areas of Interest

Health communications, history scholarship, narrative history for general audience, nonfiction narrative for nonprofits and small businesses

I’m an editor and proofreader who believes we all write better in community.

I remember the first time I showed up to a writing critique group. They met in the back of a grocery store, I didn’t know anyone there, and I’d only shown my writing to a few people before. I couldn’t have picked these people out as writers from a lineup of strangers. And I couldn’t have known that they, and the other writers I’ve met since, were going to be a big part of how I would learn to develop a writing practice, one that could eventually get me published. That first day, what I knew was that they were kind enough to set time aside to listen to each other.

I still feel lucky to have landed in that room. I’ve learned that I do my best work in a community where listening comes first — when all the analytical sharing about how to get better happens in a context where we’re committed to each other’s growth.

Working Together

My collaborators are communicating what matters most. You use storytelling to engage audiences with your health communications, humanities scholarship, or nonprofit outreach.

Together, we shine the spotlight on your most important ideas. Depending on what your project needs, I might hunt typos, find the right words, or organize sentences. Or, we might explore the story structure and how to make a potentially confusing topic clear.

I am experienced with the Chicago Manual of Style and AP Stylebook, which are the two style guides most familiar to American readers. As a copy editor, I’m not interested in convincing you to like the Oxford comma. The benefit of following one of these style guides the size of a dictionary is that it allows for consistency without you having to make a lot of decisions about details. If you want to weigh in, I’m happy to keep track of your house-style choices.

Word Nerdery

I got started working with words as a language teacher. I completed the UC Berkeley Extension professional editing sequence in May 2022.

From my collaborators . . .

I’m starting to feel a lot more confident about this book now that I’m seeing it after an editor’s touch. – Indie Author

When I need a pair of sharp eyes to review documents (of any kind), Adrielle is the first person I turn to. In addition to catching any spelling, grammar, or formatting errors, Adrielle anticipates what questions the readers will have, and she identifies the missing elements that will make the content easier to comprehend. She . . . has experience leading writers and designers on projects. Adrielle turns my rough drafts into polished and professional pieces, and it is a pleasure to work with her.

Jennifer Recklet Tassi
Program Manager for International Families, MIT Medical

This is exactly what we needed. I have been too distracted by the colors and layout to really focus on the things that you were able to notice, summarize, and improve. And even if I could focus, I still wouldn’t have had your perspective or had fresh eyes. This is great!

Small Business Owner
Website proofreading project

I’m a Chinese graduate student in Math, and English is my weak spot when it comes to academic writing. I appreciated Adrielle’s editing, because she noticed my writing “bad habits” and provided suitable suggestions. I was also grateful that when she suggested rewriting a sentence, she would take the extra time to offer multiple options for me to choose from. That way I could decide which wording fit the context best. My paper reads more smoothly now. Thank you, Adrielle!

Ang Li
Graduate Student, University of Kentucky Dept. of Mathematics

Documents I’ve worked on . . .


News articles for general public and physicians

Communications with patients including digital displays, info sheets, letters, mailers for events or event calendars, post-event surveys, legal acknowledgments

Physician recruitment collateral

Magazine articles for employee-facing publication

Handbook for on-site training program

Donor-facing copy for nonprofits including annual reports, quarterly newsletters, and information packets

Internal comms news items visible to over 15,000 employees

Academic journals, research, and job application materials

Business blogs, email marketing, press releases, and cover letters

Nonfiction narrative, art retrospective


Academic history journal

E-newsletters to patients and health care providers

Nonprofit print and digital collateral including annual reports, magazines, quarterly newsletters, and information packets for volunteers

Boosted content for social media

Onscreen copy in videos

Trifold Brochures

Website copy for small businesses

Plain Language Editing

Guides for new patients scheduled for upcoming medical procedures or ongoing care

Blogs for general audience on health topics

Internal communications to employees


Proofreading and editing enhance the clarity and impact of your writing, clearing distractions from view to keep readers focused on your story.

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