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The collective noun for editors is book club.

In 2024 I’m hosting an editors-only, informal book club for one of the groups in my network. Although I’m calling it a book club, it would probably be more accurate to call our group a community of practice since we are focusing on just one book and using some of our time together for social support or making progress on our projects. Sharing is always optional. Participants can opt-in to email to receive

  • A reading calendar
  • Agenda and discussion questions
  • Event reminders
  • Invitations to polls if we decide to move a meeting date or time, or pick a future book
  • Summaries of what the group learns each month in 2024

In 2022 I also hosted a book club for editors focused on plain language. We read three books that helped me learn how to measure readability, and write or edit to include more readers. Explore the plain language reading list from that book club on my blog.